City to live in

Groningen is a beautiful city to live in. However, we believe there is ample opportunity to improve. In the first place Student & Stad wants to make Groningen a city in which everyone can find a suitable place to live in. We see that this isn’t the case jet and therefore we will facilitate increased building of housing and limit the excessive income demands for people looking to rent.


Groningen is indisputably a city of students. We believe that this creates a responsibility for the municipality concerning student housing. Student & Stad will continue to try and heal the broken student housing market in Groningen. Among other things we want to achieve this by increasing the number of housing units and better protect renters by the local government


Photography: Sjoerd Knol



Besides housing, Student & Stad believes that Groningen’s citizens should be able to travel from A to B quick and safely. Most traffic movement in Groningen is done by bike. Not only is cycling good for the environment, it also increases the health of the cyclist. Therefore, quite literally, Student & Stad wants to give way to cyclist. The next four years we want to decrease the amount of traffic lights on important cycling routes (like to Zernike and Central Station) and where possible give cyclist priority. Furthermore, we want to increase the number of bicycle parking-spots, not only in the city centre but in all neighborhoods dealing with large numbers of parked bikes.

Public transport

Cycling is not always an option. If so, Student & Stad would like to entice citizens to use public transport. In order to do so public transport in Groningen should be of high quality. Moreover, we want the city of Groningen to work together with other local governments and the national government to realize a faster connection between Groningen, Zwolle and Amsterdam. Additionally, we want to continue to make public transport sustainable by increasing the number of electric bussen and busses driving on hydrogen gas.