Space to relax

At the moment there are a number of nice places in the city where one can relax in nature. However, Student & Stad thinks that Stadsstrand, Noorderplantsoen and Stadspark are not enough yet. We therefore want to address the role of the Groninger Diepenring (the canals). Instead of parked cars and lots of passing traffic, we would like to see plenty of room for greenery and places to relax near the water. We also want to upgrade Stadspark to make it more attractive to residents. In addition, we want to place drinking water taps and public toilets near recreational areas and at strategic locations in the city center. Finally, we are going to provide a new Stadspark at the Noorderhavens!


The bicycle is very important in a city like Groningen. We want to create more space for cyclists and discourage the use of cars. However, badly parked bicycles cause nuisance and annoyance, which is why Student & Stad wants two new underground and indoor bicycle parking facilities in the city center. One at Westerhaven and the other next to the Vismarkt. These should be open 24/7. At the request of residents, a car parking spot in the neighborhoods can be converted to a bicycle parking spot. In addition, we want the existing cycle paths to be better maintained and we want smart cycle routes to be promoted, where cyclists have priority as much as possible.

Public Transportation

We want public transport to be the solution when cycling is not an option. However, public transport in Groningen is currently substandard. Student & Stad therefore advocates a tram connection between the city and Zernike. Groningen must also become more accessible from the rest of the country. We want to achieve this by sitting down with the municipality, the NS and the provincial and national authorities with the aim of creating faster train connections between Groningen and Amsterdam, Enschede and Zwolle.