Integration students and Stadjers

Students are a big part of the city. They make it lively and attractive, but we also see that living together with the locals can sometimes cause friction. There is a risk of nuisance and we see this particularly in noice disturbance. The loss of social cohesion in the neighborhood is also often a concern of residents. Student & Stad would like to focus more on prevention of this problem, rather than repression. We therefore appoint two neighborhood directors, one Stadjer and one student. They will both be the point of contact and will act as mediators in conflicts. In this way we hope to start the conversation and create a sense of responsibility, togetherness and mutual understanding. Finally, we want to expand WIJS; an initiative where students can help residents with, for example, complicated letters or legal procedures.

Informing as a government

The information provided by the municipality to its residents is inadequate. Inhabitants quickly miss important information and sometimes they have hardly any idea of what the municipality is doing. Therefore Student & Stad wants to make more use of the municipality’s social media channels. We also want to provide better information to international students and inform new residents about relevant matters concerning their home and surroundings immediately after they move in. To make this as easy as possible, we want to build an app for the municipality of Groningen.


Sports are not only incredibly important for physical health, but also for mental health. We want to offer all residents of the municipality the opportunity to exercise and feel fit. Unfortunately, we see too much lack of capacity in sports facilities. We therefore want to invest much more in new indoor sports halls and outdoor fields. We also want to renovate the Kardinge Sports Center, so that top athletes no longer have to move to locations outside the municipality. Finally, we will provide more outdoor sports parks so that people can keep fit outside of clubs.

Welfare and care

The municipality is responsible for arranging care for its residents. However, in recent years we have seen that the waiting lists for youth care, psychologists and STD tests, for example, are long and increasing. Student & Stad therefore wants to work on reducing waiting times for psychologists and psychiatrists. During the corona crisis it became even clearer how badly they are needed. In addition, we want to make unlimited funds available for decentralized youth care, because we cannot let children down. This also means that we will do everything possible to provide the right care immediately, even if it is expensive. Finally, we want to increase the capacity of the GGD in the field of STD testing.


We as Student & Stad stand for a society where everyone can feel free regardless of gender, orientation or origin. Everyone should be able to feel at home in Groningen. Representation is an important part of society and politics. In addition, we are committed to a diverse nightlife where everyone is treated with equal value. We also stand for intellectual freedom, so that everyone can talk, think and research freely.