We want to preserve the unique character of Groningen’s nightlife and make it even more diverse. However, the vibrant nightlife must not come at the expense of safety. We want everyone to be able to go out in the city safely. Student & Stad wants to increase the space available for pubs, clubs, and events, and to realize a Night City House as a “safe haven” during nightlife and a place to get drugs tested during the day. In addition, we want to provide training for bar staff, so that unsafe situations can be recognized earlier, and we want to create a diverse pub offer.


Groningen is among the top ten best event cities in the Netherlands! Student & Stad wants to maintain this status and stimulates the organization of new events. We want to create more event locations in and around the city to meet the demand. In addition, we want to support the events industry in Groningen and ensure the diversity of events on offer by supporting alternative ‘scenes’, for example through a co-investment fund.

Club life

The presence of many associations makes the student life in Groningen unique and contributes to the social cohesion and personal development of tens of thousands of students. Unfortunately, many associations struggle with capacity or image problems. Student & Stad therefore wants to help student associations to increase their capacity so that every student who wants to join, can. In addition, we also want to improve the image of the associations by entering into a dialogue between students and Stadjers and by supporting social initiatives of student associations.

Art and Culture

Student & Stad envisions Groningen as the cultural center of the Northern Netherlands. We want to invest more in art and culture and advocate a diverse range that appeals to all target groups in the city. A new Oosterpoort must function as the cultural temple of the North. To achieve this, substantial investments will have to be made. We think it is important that the municipality makes an effort to support cultural institutions. In addition, we want there to be more room for art and culture in the streets, which will make the public spaces of the municipality more attractive. Finally, we want to support cultural initiatives of students (associations).