City to work in

Groningen has the ambition to become the start-up city of the Netherlands. And Groningen seems to be succeeding. At the moment only Amsterdam is considered a better breeding ground for start-ups in the Netherland. Student & Stad believes that Groningen should grow in sync with the growth of start-ups, scale-ups and other businesses. Direct investments in these businesses can be possible by having the municipality focus on inviting local business to tenders and becoming a local customer.



Start-ups evolve into scale-ups. We want to facilitate this transition by being able to offer the changing facilities these scale-ups need. It is important that the city continues to work with and move with businesses to be able to offer a breeding ground that allows start-ups to become scale-ups. Student & Stad want to include more small scale companies in trade missions, create a living lab in which businesses can test and develop products and concepts, and expand the ‘Start-up City’ platform.


One platform

One consistent contact and one platform for help; we believe this to be something young entrepreneurs need. At the moment there are multiple platforms competing for start-ups. And even though all deliver quality assistance, it is often very unclear for start-ups which one to go to or contact for help. We want this to be more uniform.



The municipality as a customer

To support start-ups in an early stage, the municipality should, where possible, become a trusted customer. This offers start-ups a often much needed form of security for the future. By ‘shopping’ local the municipality show its support to local business and helps these business to grow, resulting in a more vital economy, more innovation, increased number of available jobs and an overall better business climate.