City to enjoy

Groningen should be hot and happening. Student & Stad wants to help create a vibrant city in which creativity takes the main stage and young talent gets the opportunity to grow. We want a city with a diverse cultural offerings, quality music venues, and an attractive city center with space to host events. No distinction should be made between types of music.

Diverse offerings

Rich and diverse offerings of cultural venues and activities attracts creative minds and businesses. This is essential for the attractiveness and economical health of the city. Student & Stad believes that municipal policies should be aimed at art and culture that add to the attractiveness of the city. This means that we believe the local government should not subsidise a small amature choir that mainly comes together for fun, as keeping this choir alive is not a responsibility of the municipality. Furthermore, we want to give way to innovative initiatives and support young creative talent by facilitating both.


Photography: Sjoerd Knol


Event city

Student & Stad fully supports the aim for Groningen to become the popcity of the Netherlands after Amsterdam. However, in our eyes, there are more music styles, besides pop, that deserve our attention. Groningen is known for its vivid dance scene. When dance- or techno-parties are talked about the tone is often negative. We believe this should change. Student & Stad is against government policies that discriminate against certain types of music as is the case now. We want policies that stimulate entrepreneurship and creativity. Furthermore, we do not want laws that limit sound production of event to become more stringent, we want more and better fitting locations for event and the local government to look at what the city wants and not exclude certain types of music.

Vivid city center

The city center of Groningen has a lot to offer. Restaurants, bars and shops make the city vibrant. The plazas and parks of the center are often the stage of a variety of events. The city center does not only offer entertainment but is a vital part of the economy of Groningen. Student & Stad want to invest in the the local economy by investing in the city center. Furthermore, we want to lower the sufferance tax, we are against closing times for bars and against the prohibition of happy hours.