City of the future

Climate change is one of the the world’s biggest challenges. The fact that the world is warming up is a direct effect of human activities en poses a threat to billions of people worldwide. Student & Stad believes the municipality should not close its eyes for this problem but take responsibility for tackling climate change. A city with the amount of knowledge as Groningen has should be a front runner in the race to become more sustainable.


2035 energy neutral

Student & Stad wants the municipality of Groningen to become energy neutral by 2035. The municipality is however not able to reach this goal by itself. By working together with citizens and businesses, we want the whole city to use the available energy more responsible. At the same time, we will need to start generating as much of our own energy as possible. Student & Stad will work to realize windmills en cover at least 40% of the roofs in the city with solar panels. Furthermore, we want the city to become literally more green by planting more trees and making the city centre car-free. As the largest city in a province directly suffering from the use of fossil fuels, we want to be an example by expanding our heat network, building houses that are not attached to the gas network and keep on researching the possibility of using geothermal technology. We will improve air quality by stimulating the use of bikes and sustainable public transport. Student & Stad the RUG and Hanze University are partners that cannot and should not be ignored.


Fotografie: Sjoerd Knol



Every year Groningen is becoming more international. Both the RUG and the Hanze University are attracting more international students and researchers and both believe this number to continue to grow. Moreover, not only the universities are attracting internationals; more and more international businesses are setting up shop in GRoningen. Student & Stad wants to facilitate the internationalization as we believe it to be a force of good. In this sense we believe it to be vital that new citizens are able to find housing. The tragic events of the last to summers, in which international students had to sleep in hotels, tents and even car, cannot happen again. The municipality needs to be better equipped to flexibly house new citizens and needs to take an active role in informing people who are thinking about moving to growing about the housing market.


Equal opportunities for everyone

Besides the importance of finding suitable housing, Student & Stad believes that internationals should have equal opportunities to find work. Not only to be able to make a living but also in order to fully integrate into Groningen’s society. We want the information that the municipality offers its citizens also to be available in english. Far to often important government letters are sent to internationals only in dutch. Furthermore, we have been surprised that not even the welcome letter from the municipality to new citizens is sent in english. Equal opportunity of receiving vital information from the local government is a requisite for equality in general. Student & Stad believes it to be a responsibility of the municipality to take care of its citizens and make sure everybody can participate in its society.