Do you care for the wonderful city you live in? Even if you are here on a temporary basis, you must have already experienced the amazing atmosphere that Groningen offers to international students. The 19th of March there are local elections for the City Council of Groningen. More than anywhere else the City Council is the place where this amazing atmosphere can be preserved. But the City Council is also the place to be when you want to fix problems.

The party Student en Stad (Student and City) believes it is important to give the youth a voice in local politics. Groningen is the youngest city of the Netherlands; we think it is important to invest in youth and in students. We believe the whole city will benefit if we give them the opportunities they need to fully develop themselves.

More concretely, we stand for qualitatively good student accommodation. That means it is proper and affordable. Unfortunately, there are still many students in this city who pay too much for a small room. Student en Stad stands for good accessibility of the important places in the city, the University, Zernike, the main station, the city centre, and we invest in public transport. We think it is important to stimulate events and cultural initiatives. Student en Stad also stands for a city where entrepreneurs feel welcome; we invest in the local economy and stimulate innovative projects.

Make your vote count! If you are a citizen of the European Union you have voting rights when you are registered as an inhabitant of Groningen. The procedure goes as follows. You received a voting pass at the address where you are registered at. So check the pile of mail that lies behind your front door and find it! Keep it at a safe and clear place. Bring it with you – together with a valid document of identification – the 19th of March. Where ever you go, there’s a voting hotspot. You can go to the City Hall, to the University (Harmony building), to the Hanzehogeschool and the UMCG.

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